Cool Off With Roundpeg

We’ve been hard at work all summer long and it is time for a break. So we are planning a cool intermission during this hot, hot, hot summer. Join us for a yogurt break on Monday, July 16 from 1:00 – 3:00.

We will be hanging out at Orange Leaf at 4026 E 82nd St. Suite A3, Indianapolis, IN 46240. Come join us for cool treats and hot conversation. Bring your friends and maybe meet a few new ones. Let’s bring the Indianapolis social media community together around some sweet (and low-fat!) treats.

Busy schedule? Working too hard to join us? Don’t worry, we will post pictures so you can follow our adventures. Look for the hashtag #yogurtbreak to join the conversation.

Hope to see you Monday!

If you  missed the fun, check out the pictures on our Fan Page: 




  • sashattuck

    We’ll be there!

  • Jenn Lisak

    YAY! I finally get to see you after so long. I’ll be there from 1 – 1:30ish. When will you be there?

  • sashattuck

    2:30 :(

  • Lorraine Ball

    I will take a picture of each of you and mash it together, so you can hang out vitually