Craft Beer Breweries Realize the Need for Strong Branding
  • Steve Kremer

    We have a new Carmel based company, SteadyServ Technologies, that’s suporting the craft beer business. We came up with branding and a logo that has a craft beer look as well as a tech feel. Below is just the icon. The full logo at branding is at Cheers!

  • Local Beer Blog

    Great article! Breweries with attractive logos/designs definitely jump out on the shelves. In my state (NC), good examples include Mother Earth, Duck-Rabbit, and Lonerider. Plus the beer is excellent, so that helps too!

  • Tamre Mullins

    North Carolina is a hot spot for craft beer for sure. I’ll take a look at the breweries you mentioned.

  • Garage Monk

    I love seeing this! Good branding is your stamp of pride.