Email is Relevant if Used Correctly
  • Laura Neidig

    Nice post. I hear so much about the pros of social media, AND there seems to be a feeling that “everyone gets so much email that no one reads it anymore.” I appreciate this insight. You confirmed what I’d been thinking: Email certainly isn’t dead. We just need to do it better.

  • Lorraine Ball

    We consistently see strong lasting results from building a solid email base.

  • Lori Sanders

    Yeah I agree to your point. Email is relevant if used correctly. But don’t you think direct mail is much more better than emails.
    Statistical details in this link says that direct mail has a better response rate than email.

  • Roundpeg

    The response rate would have to be hundreds of times better to deliver the same ROI. The cost of designing, printing and mailing has put direct mail out of reach for many small business owners.