About Roundpeg

Lorraine was tired of the corporate grind, big waste, bad marketing campaigns and a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. That’s why she founded Roundpeg, where she could help businesses of all sizes create smart marketing strategies which fit their needs.

Now, Roundpeg’s all grown up. An eclectic group of people call the little white house with the bright blue shutters home, working on web design, graphic design and content marketing, always backed by strategy. They share an obsession with cats—one calls the office home permanently—Popsicles, eating at new places in Indianapolis and helping their clients succeed.

Want more information? Meet the team who can make it happen.

Lorraine Ball
The Whirlwind

Lorraine Ball - Owner

What she actually does: Herds cats. Sometimes literally. Lorraine sees to it that new business flows into the ‘Peg, that all clients are taken care of, that we stay up to snuff on new trends and techniques in marketing, and all of the million other things needed to make a business run.

Education: Queens College, BA elementary education (weird, right?), University of Texas at Dallas, MBA with a concentration in marketing.

If you got into a fight with a bear, who would win? “Well, I would. I’m from New York and I’m just mean.”
Jenna Giles
The Artist

Jenna Giles - Art Director

What she actually does: Makes things pretty. Logos, web graphics, print designs, the occasional Post-It note drawing, she does it all.

Education: Indiana University, degree in graphic design

If you got into a fight with a bear, who would win? “I need more information. Why are the bear and I fighting? If a bear killed my family, I’m going to win, but if I killed its family, it’s going to win. It really depends on who’s got more to lose here.”
Rebecca Pfeiffer
The Ref

Rebecca Pfeiffer - Office manager

What she actually does: Rebecca handles bookkeeping and administrative tasks. More importantly, however, Rebecca serves as office mom. She’s always there to make sure we have enough Diet Coke and coffee, that we’ve had our flu shots and that we’re taken care of. We couldn’t do it without her.

Education: The Ohio State University, degree in communications

If you got into a fight with a bear, who would win? “No bear would fight with me. Are you kidding me? I’m a mama bear and people know better than to fight with mama bears.”
Peter Wolfgram
Construction Manager

Peter Wolfgram - Project Manager

What he actually does: Web design of all stripes. From hard coding to designing pretty pictures, Peter makes our websites work. He’s also in charge of selecting the sometimes-mysterious images that accompany our blog posts.

Education: Grand Valley State University, degree in advertising & public relations

If you got into a fight with a bear, who would win? “I would win. First I’d shoot it with a blow dart to implant a GPS tracking mechanism. Then I’d run away, track the bear from a helicopter and drop something on it, like a rock or piano. Simple, really.”
Anne Waddington
Social Diva

Anne Waddington - Digital Coordinator

What she actually does: Anne works to bring together all the pieces of Internet and inbound marketing. She works with customers to create awesome content and get it seen by the right people.

Education: IUPUI, degree in Journalism

If you got into a fight with a bear, who would win? "I would win. I would show it a fierce backhand and I would win, end of story."
Sara Bouchard
The Animal Lover

Sara Bouchard - Web Design

What she actually does: Sara works with Peter to learn the ins and outs of WordPress design. On any given day, that might mean playing with a new theme or talking a client through WordPress basics.

Education: IUPUI, degree in Computer Graphics Technology

If you got into a fight with a bear, who would win? "Probably the bear because I would run away. I don't want to stick around to figure it out. I am going to run away. "
Brad Kercheval
The Rookie

Brad Kercheval - Production Artist

What he actually does: Brad is responsible for the heavy lifting on lengthy graphic design projects. His exceptional eye for detail gives him the upper hand when working on large catalogs, brochures and print pieces. He also rocks some pretty stylish hats.

Education: IUPUI, degree in Computer Graphics Technology

If you got into a fight with a bear, who would win? "I would try to curl up and play dead and see how that worked for me. Hopefully the bear would just wander off.”
Jennifer Yeadon
The Writer

Jennifer Yeadon - The Writer

What she actually does: Write, mostly. From blog posts to emails to proposals to social media updates to strategy, Jennifer doesn’t stray far from her keyboard. Or notepad. Or cocktail napkin.

Education: Ball State University, degree in Journalism

If you got into a fight with a bear, who would win? “ Would I be hiking? Bears don’t just wander around Indy, right? Well, either way, I’d be packing snacks. I’d immediately relieve myself of those snacks in the direction of the bear and run the other way. The bear gets a nice treat and I’d get a good workout – we both win. "

The Furballs



Clyde leads a confused life. Despite her name, she’s actually a girl. It’s a long story. She is the sassy trouble maker of the office, and when she’s not sleeping and furiously shedding white hair, she makes it her duty to haze interns, new employees and of course, Benny.


The chatty new kid at Roundpeg, Benny, loves to play with balls, pens, toys, and anything else he can knock off a table or desk. Like many adolescent boys he still has some growing to do. We expect he will be a pretty big boy someday.

If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by our little white house stuffed full of crazy cats and passionate people and give your marketing a tune-up.

Roundpeg, an Indianapolis marketing strategy firm, gives marketing advice in plain English. We offer comprehensive marketing services including marketing plans, marketing budgets, marketing calendars, web design, graphic design, branding, social media management, social media strategy, content marketing, ghost blogging and much more. We are a WBE certified business in the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana.